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We understand how difficult it can be to see that your child or young person is unhappy, worried or upset about something.

At Cocoon Kids we support you in this.

Why choose us?

We are experienced at working therapeutically with children, young people and families from a diverse range of backgrounds, and different life experiences.


We use a child-led, person-centred approach to gently and sensitively explore whatever it is that has brought your child or young person to the sessions.

We use creative, play and talk-based therapeutic skills and resources, to help your child or young person carefully and safely explore their experiences.

We work with you as a family, to support you throughout.

Ready to use our service now?

Contact us to discuss how we can support you and your family today.

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Working with you and your child


As your child's Creative Counsellor and Play Therapist we:

  • Work with you and your child to provide a therapeutic creative and play service that matches your individual family's needs

  • Run therapy sessions at a regular time and place with your child

  • Provide a safe, confidential and nurturing environment, so that your child feels free to explore their feelings

  • Work in a child-centred way at your child's pace and let them lead their therapy

  • Promote positive change and increased self-esteem by helping your child to help themselves

  • Help your child to make a connection between their symbols and actions, so that they understand how these may reflect their experiences

  • Assess your child's needs and discuss goals with you and your child

  • Discuss and decide on the length of the sessions with you - this can be extended, whenever this is beneficial to your child

  • Meet with you both at 6-8 week intervals to discuss themes of their work

  • Meet with you before the ending sessions to discuss and plan a well-structured ending for your child

  • Produce an end report for you (and your child's school, or college, if required)

Personalised one to one service

  • Creative counselling and play therapy

  • Talk-based therapy

  • telehealth - online, or on the phone

  • 50 minutes in duration

  • Flexible provision: day-time, evening, holiday and weekend

  • Home-based sessions available

  • Booked sessions include Play Pack

  • Additional Play Packs available to buy

  • Other useful support resources available


​​All resources needed are provided - therapists use a range of creative therapies, which include play, art, sand, bibliotherapy, music, drama, movement and dance therapy

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Session fees

Sessions start from £70

We may be able to offer concessions if you are on benefits, have a low income, or live in social housing. Contact us to find out more.

Free initial consultation before first session:

Our initial meeting and assessment session is free - your child, or young person is welcome to attend too.

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Details about how Creative Counselling and Play Therapy can support your child or young person on the tabs above, or follow the link below.





Find out more about the different emotional challenges, difficulties or areas that Cocoon Kids can support your child or young person with by following the link below.

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The NHS has a range of free counselling and therapy services for ADULTS.

For more information about the services available on the NHS, please see the link to Adult Counselling and Therapy on the tabs above, or follow the link below directly to our page.

Please note: These services are not CRISIS services.

Call 999 in an emergency that requires immediate attention.


Cocoon Kids is a service for children and young people. As such, we do not endorse any specific type of adult therapy or counselling listed. As with all counselling and therapy, it is important that you ensure that the service offered is appropriate for you. Please therefore discuss this with any service that you contact.

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