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Wellbeing Support & Information for Adults

Happiful is a free online magazine about the challenges of keeping good mental health in modern life. It has thoughtful celebrity interviews, as well as practical tips and advice.

Click the Happiful link to go to their website and get your own copy.

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Sometimes the cold and dark of winter can make us feel low and gloomy.

Sue Pavlovich from the Seasonal Affective Disorder Association (SADA), says that these

10 tips can help:

  • Keep active

  • Get outside

  • Keep warm

  • Eat healthily

  • See the light

  • Take up a new hobby

  • See your friends and family

  • Talk it through

  • Join a support group

  • Seek help

​It can be especially difficult when someone that we love is finding their emotions and experiences difficult to manage.

The Anna Freud Centre has some fantastic well-being strategies and resources, as well as links to other support which may be useful.

Click on the Anna Freud link to go to their Parent & Carer's website page.

anna freud.PNG campaign for better adult mental health services. They have some useful resources on their website.


Click on the Mind link to go to their website.

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Image by Daniel Cheung

The NHS has a range of free counselling and therapy services for ADULTS.

For more information about the services available on the NHS, please see the link to Adult Counselling and Therapy on the tabs above, or follow the link below directly to our page.

Please note: These services are not CRISIS services.

Call 999 in an emergency that requires immediate attention.


Cocoon Kids is a service for children and young people. As such, we do not endorse any specific type of adult therapy or counselling listed. As with all counselling and therapy, it is important that you ensure that the service offered is appropriate for you. Please therefore discuss this with any service that you contact.

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