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Testimonials - what people say about us

We've been given permission to share this amazing feedback from one of the organisations that we work alongside, to support local children and young people.

They asked us to share it with our donors and fundgivers, so that they know just how much of a difference their donation makes.

We'd just like to add though, that the changes and differences seen are made through the very hard work and trust in their process that each child, young person and their family has in the work xx

Enhanced PS1 Feedback Nov21_edited.jpg
Happy Girl

'Thank you for your effective support for one of our most vulnerable pupils and their family. The trusting relationship that you fostered during the sessions and engagement with the pupil’s family and school staff, provided vital education and emotional support.


You helped the family to openly reflect on and rationalise past conflicts, and develop problem solving skills. As a consequence, they are becoming more respectful and accepting of themself and others and are beginning to cultivate empathy and respect for thoughts and feelings of others. 


We will definitely be drawing on these skills to further support our pupils and families in the future.'

Assistant Head & SENDCo Primary School, of Marianne, aged 8

'Thank you for successfully meeting Jayden "where he is".


You are very alive to the impact of attachment issues and worked sensitively with him, as he had formed a very close, strong and dependable relationship with you. You were very sensitive to breaks, always holding him in mind, and allowed a lot of time to work sensitively towards a positive ending.'


Counselling Agency Manager of Jayden aged 6

(Looked After Child)

Image by Chermiti Mohamed

'Thank you for listening and helping me to understand myself better when I got sad and didn't know why. I really liked coming to see you and the beads helped me to feel calm and like it was ok when I said everything to you.'

Yvette, aged 15

'Thank you for the amazing support, guidance and confidence that you have given Jacob.

I’m certain one of the reasons he ended the year so well is down to you. Thank you so very much.'

Mother of Jacob, aged 12

Image by Shawnee D

'Thank you for what you have done for me this year. It has helped me improve my mental health and feel less worried and has boosted my confidence.'

Alexie, aged 14

Image by leah hetteberg

'You made a positive impact on the young person that you worked with this year, understanding both their clinical needs and how family and social influences can have significant impact. The positive relationships that you developed with the young person and their family further assisted in the progress made.


Your work was an has been an asset to our school.'


Assistant Headteacher, SENDCo and Head of Inclusion, of young person aged 12

All names and photos used have been changed to protect each individual's identity.

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