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Cocoon Kids

- Creative Counselling and Play Therapy CIC

WWhat we do


We follow government guidelines on Covid-19 - click for more information.

Our bespoke personalised sessions

We always keep the child or young person at the heart of all of our work.



Our holistic sessions may look different for individual children and young people, because we recognise that one therapeutic model does not fit all!


All of our sessions are tailor-made and personalised to meet a child or young person's individual need. We adapt our work to meet the child or young person, instead of expecting them to fit a specific model.


We are a Trauma Informed practice, and are trained in Child Development and Attachment Theory. Each toy and creative or sensory resource is carefully chosen because it brings a specific benefit to each child or young person's therapeutic work.

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Cocoon Kids brought a small sample of our portable kit for younger children to the very lovely model and their family's home.


You can see that we bring a mat with us for all private work, as well as for any carpeted spaces. We know how important it can be for each child or young person to 'get everything out' and make a mess if they need to...


but not worry if their sand, water beads or slime gets on the carpet! 


 We would like to say a HUGE thank you to them for agreeing to show you a small sample of our kit in use, and for their image to be shared xx xx

We are a one-stop therapeutic service


1:1 Sessions


Play Packs

Training and Self Care Package

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foster and grow creativity and curiosity

develop greater resilience and flexible thinking

develop essential relational and life skills

self-regulate, explore emotions and have good mental health

reach goals and positively improve lifelong outcomes

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