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We follow Government guidelines on Covid-19 - read here for more information.


A calm, caring cocoon where every child and young person reaches their true potential


A Child-Centred, neurosience-evidenced therapeutic service that keeps your priority children and young people at heart: Accessible, Appropriate, Affordable and Approachable.

  1. Looking for a flexible one-stop therapeutic service for ages 3-19 that gives you peace of mind, with a straightforward referral system and time-efficient session set-up all organised for you?

  2. Need effective, measurable, scientifically-evidenced best-practice approaches, and fully-funded quality and value for your priority families?

  3. Want an approachable, available and trusted service that's regularly requested through 'word-of-mouth' feedback from satisfied professionals and families? 

Look no further, we give you all of this and more. Read on to find out more...

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Short on time? Ready to use our service?


We asked you 'What do you needed in a service?'


You told us that your time is and peace of mind is precious. That's why:

  • We organise and run all aspects of the work and customise our service to best meet your needs.

  • We organise the referral and meetings; standardised and child-friendly assessments; sessions; resources; Play Pack for home, or school use; regular reviews; reports and end of work support resources.


  • We have NSPCC Advanced Level 4 Safeguarding Training for Named Health Professionals (Designated Safeguarding Lead).

  • Full Enhanced Update DBS updated yearly.

  • We follow the strict strict ethical professional standards of The British Association of Play Therapists (BAPT) and The British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (MBACP).


You said that fexibility is essential for you and your families, which is why:

  • We're a one-stop service for children and young people aged 3-19 years.

  • Children, young people and families can access their sessions through house-moves, school phase or school changes, and periods at home, e.g. illness, isolation, exclusions.

  • We offer family, infant and sibling support.

  • We offer face to face sessions.

  • We offer telehealth sessions (phone or Zoom).

  • We offer daytime, term-time work, as well as work at non-standard times, e.g. evening, weekend or school holidays.



You asked for a more personalised service. So:

  • We use neuroscience evidenced-based play, sensory and creative therapy skills as well as talk-based approaches.

  • We're trained and experienced in a range of therapeutic approaches, and use this to provide a bespoke service for each child and young person.

  • We're responsive and flexible, tailoring our service to meet the needs of your school and your families.


You asked for a developmentally appropriate approach. You'll be relieved to know: 

  • Our practice is Trauma informed.

  • We're trained, knowledgeable and qualified in Mental Health, Attachment Theory and Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs), as well as infant, child and adolescent development.

  • We're Person and Child-centred - the therapeutic relationship is key.



You told us that you want children and young people to learn to self-regulate effectively. That's why:

  • We use sensory and regulatory resources and rooms to help children and young people better self-regulate and develop healthier behaviours through neuroplasticity, that's scientifically-evidenced and neuroscience.

  • We sell Play Packs to support the work beyond the sessions.



You share how important it is to work collaboratively. We agree, therefore:

  • Children and young people's 'voice' is a crucial part of their counselling and therapy - where appropriate, they attend their meetings and reviews and set their own therapeutic goals.

  • We work with families and carers and can provide Family Support Packages.

  • We work with you and other professionals and provide Support and Training Packages.



You said how costly sessions can be, which is why:

  • We seek funding to reduce fees and costs.

  • We offer low cost and fully-funded sessions to priority families on benefits, on low incomes, and who live in social housing.

  • Local Education Authority, Personal Health Budgets (PHBs), Social Services, and charitable body payments all accepted.


You tell us that you want a reliable, consistent service. That's why:

  • We meet weekly with the child or young person on the same day each week.

  • Sessions are typically for 12 weeks initially - they can be extended, as is appropriate for the child or young person.

  • Face to face and telehealth daytime, evening sessions available during term and school holidays.

You said that child and young person focused good outcomes and feedback is essential. Therefore:

  • Children and young people are integral and active participants in their therapeutic goal setting.

  • We use a range of child and young person-led assessments.

  • We use the child and young person's 'voice' to assess our effectiveness.

  • We use a range of standardised outcome measure to inform and assess change and progress.

  • Our ongoing and end of sessions monitoring, feedback and data shows significant continued positive progress.




Intervention Packages

Generally, the intervention package follows the procedure outlined below. Personalisation to suit your needs is possible. Please contact us for more details.

Due to Covid-19, meetings, assessments, reviews and sessions may be in-person, online or by phone

  • Referral (form is available on request)

  • Meeting with referrer

  • Meeting with parent or carer and their child, for initial assessment and discussion of therapeutic intervention plan

  • Assessment meeting with child or young person and their parent or carer

  • Therapy sessions with child or young person

  • Review meetings with school, organisation, parent or carer and their child, every 6-8 weeks

  • Planned ending

  • Final meetings with school or organisation, and with parent or carer and their child, and written report

  • Play Pack support resources for home or school use

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We belong to the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (MBACP) and the British Association of Play Therapists (BAPT). As BAPT trained Creative Counsellors and Play Therapists, our approach is person and child-centred.


Follow the BAPT and BACP links to find out more.

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Want to know more about our Mental Health and Emotional Wellbeing Training, or Self-care and Wellbeing Packages?

Want pocket-sized sensory regulatory resources at great prices?

As BAPT and MBACP therapists and counsellors, we update our CPD regularly.


At Cocoon Kids CIC we know that this is key. We receive extensive training - beyond the minimum required to practice.


Want to know more about our training and qualifications?

Follow the links on the 'About Us' page.

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